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The European Spas Association (ESPA) and the municipality of Veere (The Netherlands) are honoured to invite you to the XXIII annual ESPA Congress taking place in Domburg.

The purpose of the congress is to stimulate thought and discussion about innovation for the medical spas and health resorts in Europe. The key topics on the agenda of the Congress will be: Water and Health: a way of life in a changing world - Business and future market value. Details and Programme here »

Please note:

ESPA has an agreement with several hotels until the 31st MARCH. Because the end of May is a busy season, chances are that accomodations are full after this date.

Make sure to book in time!



How the ESPA Innovation Awards can benefit a Spa/Health Resort business ?

One of the best and most unusual ways for a Spa/Health Resort business to stand out from its competitors is to win the leading European Spas industry awards – the ESPA Innovation Awards. They are amongst the easiest ways to build brand recognition for any Spa and Health Resort.

Here are 3 top reasons a destination, facility, hotel, spa clinic, health program should add the ESPA innovation Awards to its marketing program:

1. Brand Recognition: this is an essential part of any business’s success, as this is a reason customers choose a Spa/Health Resort, and it encourages them to keep coming back.

2. Sales Growth: winning an ESPA Innovation Award will showcase the Spa/Health Resort level of expertise, driving new sales, retain customers, and expand on current sales.

3. Third party endorsements: there is no reason to not take advantage of new endorsements from a most likely well known party. The ESPA Innovation Awards allow a Spa/Health Resort to receive additional marketing that will help them to land new customers and networking opportunities.


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