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Water and Health - A Way of Life
23rd-25th May

History and culture
Domburg is the oldest seaside resort of Zeeland. Even in the Roman times there were bathing equipments. These therapies have emerged during archaeological excavation. Traditionally, Domburg was already known as a "spa". Dr. Mezger, founder of modern physiotherapy, opened a practice in Domburg in 1868 and introduced the new treatment methods. There is a special ‘dr. Mezger walk’ set out along places, who recall of the time when the" beau monde" came to Domburg to cure. During the congress there is a possibility to do this walk. In 1984 Domburg existed 150 years as a bathing resort.

A natural and healthy environment
Seawater, sea air, climate and soil products all play a role in the health region status Domburg has. The seawater at Domburg has been investigated by the renowned international SGS Institute Fresenius. In summary the nature of Domburg - near the sea with his pure air and beneficial water - offers opportunities for balneo (water) therapies and thalasso applications aimed at prevention and recovery. In the programme of the congress we planned wake up sessions at the beach with yoga. If you want you even can take a morning dive in the sea!
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   ESPA Innovation Awards 2018
ESPA Innovation Awards 2018
Celebrating Innovation and Evolution in the European Spa & Health Resort industry
The 5th edition of the Gala of the ESPA Innovation Awards will be celebrated in Domburg, The Netherlands, on the 24th of May 2018, during the ESPA Congress.

   News & Events
ESPA's new Secretary-General: Ms Csilla Mezősi
Ms Csilla Mezősi is the newly elected Secretary General of the European Spas Association. She started working at the head office in Brussels on the first of January 2018. Since 2000 she has been involved in the activities of ESPA. By 2012 she became a member of the Board, representing Hungary.
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Roman Thermal Spas of Europe at the Opening of EU-China Tourism Year 2018
Roman Thermal Spas of Europe at the Opening of EU-China Tourism Year 2018
The official opening of the EU China Tourism Year 2018 on January 18th and 19th in Venice was the second opportunity the present the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe to Chinese officials and tour operators. Earlier, last year November the preparatory World Bridge Conference was the start to a series of meetings with Chinese tour operators to attract Chinese guest to the unique experience of Spa & Culture throughout Europe.
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ISO Medical Spa Services
ISO Medical Spa Services
On December 16, ESPA has submitted its comments on the draft ISO/DIS 21426 Medical Spas. Those comments will be presented and discussed during the next WG2 meeting which will take place in Tunis (21-22 February).
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The 2nd edition of ENSPA - European Natural Spas Conference
Bulgaria's Health Tourism Workshop on ITB with the Bulgarian Minister of Tourism
Breite Strasse 29 - Berlin (Germany)
6 March, 3pm - 5pm
The Bulgarian Minister of Tourism, Mrs Nikolina Angelkova will present in the cooperation of BUBSPA and the German-Bulgarian Industry and Commercial Chamber on 6th of March evening Health tourism, as one of the new perspective of Bulgaria. The workshop aims to present the new face of the Bulgarian Tourism - 4 seasons Health Tourism/ Experience Medical SPA and Wellness in Bulgaria. Participants of the event are German PR specialist and experts, German tour-operators specialized in the medical spa and spa tourism and Insurance companies.
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International EuropeSpa Training course
International EuropeSpa Training course
Berlin - Potsdam (Germany)
5-6 March
What distinguishes a good spa? Which challenges in hygiene, safety and infrastructure need to be met? What does good service mean in the spa business? Which mistakes should be avoided? These and many other important questions will be answered during our unique 2-day Course on "Quality in Wellness and Spa".
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Quhep - Workshop 'Health-Tourism: a look into the future'
Quhep - Workshop "Health-Tourism: a look into the future"
ITB Berlin at Ibis Hotel
7 March 2018, (2:30pm - 4pm)
What are the future trends in health tourism 2018?
Ms Claudia Wagner (Fit-Reisen) will inform about this during the event of Quality in Health Prevention e.V. This year partner of this workshop is the Heilsustofnun Clinic in Iceland. The Marketing Director and professional Chef Ingi Þór Jónsson will report on therapies with volcanic mud and hot springs.
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