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Save the date
We would like to invite you to the next Board Meeting of the European Spas Association. The meeting will take place on 16th November, in Aix-les-Bains, France.

Soon you will receive detailed information about the event.
ESPA - EHTTA partnership
The memorandum of understanding between ESPA-EHTTA has been approved by the Executive Council of the European Historical Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA).

ESPA and EHTTA agree to promote common actions in the following fields:

    a)  Lobbying: EU Directive on Crossborder Healthcare; European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018; EU Tourism policy
    b)  Marketing and PR (e.g. Digital tools, Newsletters, World Water Day, events)
    c)  Support to the EHTTA's Thermal Atlas of Europe

The Memorandum will be signed and implemented in September.
1st Jakob Symposium - Deep water for use as healing water
7 - 9 September 2017
St. Jakob in Defereggen (Austria)
International Congress 'Forest and its Potential for Health'
International Congress "Forest and its Potential for Health"
On the 13-14th September 2017 in the German spa region Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Seeheilbad Heringsdorf, MARITIM Hotel Kaiserdorf "Kurhaussaal", the international congress will be held and its focus is cure and healing potential of the forest. This region is famous for its nature, spa centers and health hotels, rehabilitation centres. For more information for the program and registration visit the website www.mv-baederverband.de.
20-22 September
Baile Tusnad, Romania
The event that reunites the public and private institutions of the balneary tourism sector.
Organisation: Patronal Organisation of Balneary Tourism in Romania (OPTBR).
Termatalia exhibition
21-22 September
Ourense, Spain
This event will provide the opportunity of participation of exhibitors, buyers and speakers from more than 30 countries. For those who are interested to take part in the conference it will be bilingual in English and Spanish language.
4th Annual Congress of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism
26-27 September
Kyustendil (Bulgaria)
The main focuses of the Congress are "Management and Marketing of Spa Destinations" and "Building and Management of Spa and Medical Spa products".

The event is organised by the Municipality of Kyustendil in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and support from the European Spas Association.
High-level conference on e-health: health in the digital society and the digital society for health
16-18 October
Tallin, Estonia
This high-level conference will address how digital technologies and the wider use of health data are affecting our life and also the methods of healthcare. The conference will focus on three main topics: building citizen-driven demand in e-health, e-health supporting value-driven and sustainable health and social services and e-health as a driver of innovation and economic development.

For registrations, please click here.

In order to register and to find more information about the event, please click here.
SPACE Exhibition and B2B Event
17-19 November
Radenci Spa, Slovenia
The SPA-CE the trade show for spa and wellness tourism in Central Europe will be held from November 17-19, 2017 in Radenci Spa & Health Resort, Slovenia.

The highlights are:

    •  The most important B2B event in Central Europe with focus on natural and thermal spas;
    •  New business opportunities - personal contacts;
    •  Professional education – spa experts sharing their knowledge
    •  Pre-scheduled face-to-face meeting
European Health Prevention Day
The international association "Quality in Health Prevention e.V." cordially invites you to join their first Congress, the "European Health Prevention Day", taking place in Wiesbaden 23 and 24 November 2017.

On the European market for health prevention service providers from different countries compete for clients. At the same time, health is primarily the responsibility of the member state. The EU hardly has a regulatory power here. Inevitably, uncertainties arise: Are the offers in the respective countries comparable across borders? Do identical terms designate the same services?

To answer these and many more questions we would like to discuss cross-border health prevention together with you from both a national and international viewpoint. We have invited experts from across Europe to share insights from the perspective of health insurance companies, tour operators, service providers and associations.

Join the discussion about Opportunities and Perspectives in Health Prevention!
1st announcement of the 43rd ISMH Congress in Amarante, Portugal
From the 10-13 June 2018 the International Society of medical Hydrology and Climatology will organize their 43rd Congress in Amarante Porto District, Portugal.

Please visit the website www.ismh-direct.net for information about the organization. Information of the congress will follow soon on the page www.ismhcongress-amarante2018.

If you would like to view the presentation, please click here.
International Society of medical Hydrology and Climatology
News / European union
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
A new era for WHO: Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus begins his term as WHO’s new Director General.The five top priorities of the World Health organization are the following: Ensure universal health coverage for all people without impoverishment; Respond quickly and efficiently to public health emergencies; Secure the health, dignity and rights of women, children and adolescents; Decrease the health impacts of climate and environmental change; Transform WHO into a more effective, transparent and accountable agency.
Third Programme of the Union's action in the field of health (2014-2020)
Two new calls have been launched: Call for projects: Supporting Member States in mainstreaming health promotion and disease prevention in health and educational settings; Call for proposals for operating grants.

DG Connect and the "eHealth, Well-being & Ageing" unit will organise a workshop on Silver Economy on 10 October 2017, focusing on market opportunities related to the rights, needs and demands of the EU population over 50. Registration to the European Week of Regions and Cities will open in July 2017, with free admission.
ETC-UNWTO international seminar on transnational tourism themes and routes
On 16 November 2017 until 18 November 2017 a joint international seminar is the exceptional occasion to officially launch the brand new ETC-UNWTO Handbook on Marketing Transnational Tourism Themes & Routes. This event is intended to spread the landscape of tourism themes and routes in Europe and in the world. This occasion will provide an excellent platform to better understand the development, management, and promotion of transnational tourism routes and will provide practical guidance for DMOs, NTOs and NTAs on how to market and promote destinations through transnational thematic tourism experiences and products. The location of venue is Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
EuroHealthNet Annual Report 2016-2017 Our year: REJUVENATE
The annual report describes the ways that EuroHealthNet helps member agencies increase capacity and knowledge, and build on best practices. We have improved access to new and important information, encouraged dialogue, and analysed policy while advocating for ‘health in all policies’. Highlights of the last year included successful international study visits and a well-attended conference on ‘Sustainable Societies: Health and Social Investment in the EU’ which created new exchange between national/regional bodies, Member States, and European Institutions. Work has also continued on chronic diseases, alcohol, and mental health, the health of vulnerable groups, LGBTI communities, and welfare systems.

To download the new release, please click here.
Health-EU Newsletter July special edition
The July edition includes the most recent mandates are the scientific committee on consumer safety (SCCS) and their opinions adopted. In addition, the issue comprises of scientific factsheets, infographics about public health matters.

To view the Newsletter, lease click here.
ETC newest bulletin
The bulletin of the European Travel Commission launched was launched or July 2017. This edition, includes some highlights and news regarding re-election of ETC President, ETC Marketing activities, ETC Research activities, and outlines the ETC agenda for 2017.

To read the complete bulletin, please click here.
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