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• May 2013
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The May issue of the ESPA e-newsletter is distributed just before we welcome the spas and health resort community to our 18th annual ESPA congress in Pomorie, Bulgaria.

During this event Bulgarian tourism related politicians, national spas associations from all over Europe, spa experts, spa hotels, medical doctors, mayors of spa municipalities, specialised tour operators, spa building professionals etc. come together to benefit from the high concentration of experience, knowledge and expertise as well as to take part in the various social events and networking opportunities.

I look forward to meeting you in Pomorie!

Martin Plachý,
News | 18th Congress
18th Congress of the European Spas Association
Pomorie, Bulgaria, 14th – 17th May 2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As Chairman of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism I am pleased to welcome you on the occasion of your participation in the 18th  annual congress of the European Spas Association.
The congress has been identified as one of the most significant events of 2013 in Europe in the field of Medical Spa, Spa and wellness tourism and managed to gather participants from leading international companies - hoteliers, tour operators, equipment companies for spas, spa products. The event has been attended by the mayors of Europe's leading spa municipalities, representatives of European health insurance funds and pension companies and professionals in the field.

The congress successfully drew attention to Bulgaria as a destination that offers year-round, high quality, competitive and diverse Medical Spa, Spa and wellness products. With its over 600 usable water sources of healing mineral waters our country has a real chance to be among the leaders of the European Spa map - a cause on which the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism is working during the last seven years. Combining this vast resource of natural healing factors in our country with the existing modern hotel facilities, meeting European and implementing best practices, while keeping its pure nature, Bulgaria is ready to become a "Center of Health in Europe" and I think during the 18th  annual congress of the European Spas Association we prove this to all of you.

I am very proud of the fact that we managed to win the trust of Europe and for the first time Bulgaria is a hosting of a forum of such a rank in the Medical Spa, Spa and wellness tourism sphere.


Stefan Sharlopov
Chairman of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism

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News | The Association
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The European Spas Association launches their Media Kit Web
Advertisers have the opportunity to connect, interact and ultimately build a relationship with the audience.

Advertising with  will ensure advertisers:
  • to get more website traffic and sales from interested audiences;
  • to announce and advertise new products and services;
  • to build your brand awareness and reputation;
  • to put your message right in front your potential new customers to win new business;
  • to advertise your business quickly and easily.
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News | ESPA Members
latvian health tourism cluster.jpg
The slogan and the website has been established for the LATVIAN HEALTH TOURISM CLUSTER  to promote Jurmala and Latvian health tourism
At the end of the last year the members of Latvian Health tourism cluster in cooperation with the society „Latvian Resort association” have started to work actively on the cluster’s slogan designing and website creation, thus implementing one of the five directions of the cluster strategy.
Cluster members and sectorial experts have come together on several occasions to discuss ideas about the cluster’s eventual design, receiving several suggestions to make the brand visually attractive, resulting in clusters new slogan - „green Land of health”. The design is based on the typical marks of heartbeat monitor, while the colour is reflecting Latvia’s clean eco-system, pristine lakes, green forests and the medicinal natural resources that Latvia’s nature provides, giving high added value to Latvian health tourism product. The new Latvian Health tourism cluster brand has been approved in the cluster’s meeting on 16 of January, 2013.

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News | Miscellaneous
european parliament.jpg
Exchange of views with Vice-President of the European Commission, Antonio Tajani, on the Tourism Task Force of the European Parliament
During the TRAN Committee meeting in Brussels on Tuesday, 26 March 2013, Antonio Tajani, the Commissioner responsible for Industry and Enterprises, spoke about four major initiatives for the promotion of tourism in Europe. The Tourism Task Force of the European Parliament, which is an initiative of the „Report on Europe, the world’s No 1 tourist destination“ was in the focus of this exchange.

Besides the facilitation of visa procedures and the European quality label, Mr Tajani mentioned in the context of overcoming seasonality and diversified tourism, “that services such as health tourism and packages for older persons, can be used to mitigate off-season lows in many regions of Europe. New services for older persons, who currently focus on their domestic markets, would help extend the tourism season and provide new job opportunities for young people.”
While welcoming these initiatives, Members of the European Parliament called on the Commissioner to pay particular attention to visa facilitation, maritime tourism, revision of the package travel directive and accessibility for persons with disabilities or reduced mobility. Tourism crisis management, innovation, information, development of industrial heritage at European level and the creation of a tourism fair on European destinations were also mentioned.
(Source: European Parliament)
Regional Workshop on Health as a determinate for Growth
The regional workshop on health as a determinate for growth focused on regional action on health inequalities and the use of structural funds in this area. The presentation of the work on health inequality is a good example how a joint action can work and what is included in the implementation process. Workshop papers are now available.

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June 13 - 15, 2013, Tuyap Exhibition Center, ISTANBUL

The 9th International Exhibition for Cosmetics, Perfumery, Hair Salon and Nail Products, Beauty Salon, SPA & Wellness Products, Natural Cosmetics, Raw Materials, Packaging, Contract  Manufacturing and Private Label.”

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Transnational Healthcare – A Cross-Border Symposium
20-21 June 2013, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Regions and development
– “This workshop seeks to draw attention to the breadth of regional capacity-building, forms of governance, relations and identities forged through the international pursuit and provision of medical care. The workshop specifically focuses on exploring the link between transnational health care and regional development, produced through both higher-profile, long-distance pursuits of medical tourists and more ‘everyday’ cross-border and intra-regional health-motivated movements.”

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World Spa & Well-being Convention (WSWC)
18-21 September 2013, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

World Spa & Well-being Convention (WSWC) is an annual international spa event supporting spa, health and wellness operators, investors and spa-therapists worldwide. The exhibition will be featuring the latest spa innovation and technologies, the most updated techniques and practice standards in spa therapy as well as recent developments in equipment and facilities management. The theme for this years event will be focused on the essential element of “Water”.

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Spa-ce 2013 – Meet in Spas of Central Europe
3-5 October 2013, Sárvár, Hungary

Spa and Wellness professionals will meet again for the 5th edition of SPA-CE. Preparations are well under way. Iztok Altbauer, Director of Slovenian Spas Association and initiator of SPA-CE, invites spa and wellness providers to register and promote their services. Being proud of its health- touristic services and developments, Hungary will host this year’s event.

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Studies and Statistics
European Travel Commission (ETC) – European Tourism 2013
The European Travel Commission (ETC) just presented the first quarterly "Trends and Prospects" report for 2013. 2012’s data exceeded the market expectations even though the European and global tourism demand slowed down. In Europe, demand for cross-border travel remained high although there was some shift towards less expensive travel options. The intra-regional travel rose while average length of stay fell, consistent with industry data. For 2013 international arrivals and nights to Europe decline during the first months, but continued growth for most of the reporting destinations is expected. The key source markets for Europe are identified as Russia, especially for emerging eastern European countries, and non-European countries, whose demand remains stronger than European demand.
(Source: ETC 2013)

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Social Investment Package – Investing in Health
On Wednesday, 20 February 2013, the European Commission presented a comprehensive package for the health, social and education sectors, with the focus on strengthening of the Member States. The Social Investment Package relies on the European Semester and the European 2020 policy framework. Member States have the task to revise their social systems and to prioritise their social investments. This will help to prevent the Member States from much higher financial and social costs. The package for social investment introduces the new health strategy of the European Union for the years 2014-2020. The goal of the social investment package in health is to allow both, acommon access to safe, high quality and efficient healthcare, as well as better cooperation between the health and social service providers

In this context investing in health is:
Investing in health systems;
Investing in people's health;
Investing in reducing inequalities in health.
(Source: EC 2013)

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Insights Travel Survey 2013
The first selected results of the travel survey 2013 (FUR) were published during the ITB 2013. This analysis of the German holiday market shows good prospects for 2013. In 2012 expenditures were with 63 billion euro for holiday trips and about 20 billion euro for short holiday trips at a record hight. This was also shown by the listed holiday spending per person of 914 euro. During 2012 the moste popular tourism forms were beach holidays (22%) and family holidays (14%), which also recorded an increase for the last 10 years. After the travel survy 2013, health tourism is with 3 % at a nearly stagnating level during the last 10 years. In terms of holiday destinations, nearly two third of the holiday trips were spread only over Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Australia. But the interest of many regions is increasing and travellers are titled as multi-optional, which means that many destinations are able to satisfy their specific holiday needs.
(Source: FUR 2013)

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Charting the way to well-being
The European Health Report is the, every three years published, flagship publication of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The report has four sections: The first introduces the report by describing health status and trends in Europe at present, covering 53 countries and highlighting individual countries and subsets of countries. Topics covered include demographic trends, life expectancy, mortality, causes of death, the burden of disease, risk factors, and social determinants of and inequalities in health, including health systems. The second section presents the baseline for the overarching targets selected to monitor progress for the new European health policy, Health 2020. The third section recognises that a core aspect of Health 2020 is improving population well-being, specifically in the context of health. This offers a platform to develop a common agenda across sectors and stakeholders, including a whole-of-government approach. The fourth section concludes the report by identifying important challenges in measuring progress towards Health 2020 and by outlining an agenda to overcome them, with WHO working with partners and Member States.
(Source: WHO 2013)

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WHO - Joint meeting of experts on targets and indicators for health and well-being in Health 2020
A joint meeting of experts on targets and indicators for health and well-being in Health 2020 was convened by the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The experts first focused on measurement and target-setting for well-being. A systematic review of tools for the measurement of well-being was presented. It identified areas for further consideration, including gender differences and well-being in children. The overall happiness and experienced well-being have very similar determinants: a strong relationship with health status, chronic disease and disability; and consistent relationships with age, income, education and social networks. After extensive discussion the experts agreed to propose overall satisfaction with life as the core indicator of subjective well-being.
(Source: WHO 2013)

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